Mariva, East Providence: Our Family Child Care Provider Is Making Sure My Son is Ready for School

marivaI do everything I can to make sure that my kids have the best chances to live a successful life.  This starts with making sure they have a safe, nurturing place to be when I’m at work and by connecting them to quality early learning opportunities.  I was lucky enough to find an excellent in-home child care provider to care for and teach my son who lives in South Providence, near Roger Williams Park.  I drive all the way from East Providence to drop my son off with her, but it’s worth dealing with all that bridge traffic, because I have seen how much he has benefited being with her. She cares so much about young children and knows how to teach them.

My son just turned two, and already he picks up newspapers and magazines and recognizes the letters. “Look Mommy,” he’ll say, “it’s an O! It’s an E!” He’s got the vocabulary of a three year-old.  He’ll come home and surprise me with new things that he learned, like his manners. I remember one time I sneezed, and he said “Bless you, mommy.” I couldn’t believe it!

He was potty trained before he was two – that’s a big deal for boys to be potty trained that early.  In some ways he’s ahead of other kids that are a year older than him. We’ll be coming here until he is in kindergarten, but at the rate he is learning he may even be able to skip kindergarten.

I support the child care providers forming a union, because providers like mine should be recognized for what she does for my son, in making sure he is learning and ready for school. I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t there for us, and the Quality Family Child Care Act will help her keep in business and ensure that she continues to offer this incredible care.  It will also give providers the ability to work with other providers and parents such as myself to make important changes to the Child Care Assistance Program, which will help guarantee that more of our state’s children have access to this quality and affordable child care.

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