Kathleen, Westerly: The Care My Daughter Receives Is An Important Part of Her Future

kathleen westerly parent

As a single parent, I work hard to provide for my daughter. Working in a restaurant means I typically have evening and night time shifts and an irregular income, yet I still don’t qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program. The standards to get into and stay in the program are extremely strict, and even when I was in the program, I could never get in touch with my social worker to sort out problems. Now I can’t access the consistent child care that I need, which deprives my child of the opportunities for early learning and social interaction with peers, which would benefit her when she begins Kindergarten.

I choose family child care because of the convenience and flexibility it offers, as well as the peace of mind in knowing my child is with a caring adult that I trust. The quality child care that my child gets now is an important part of her future. The person providing that care is an integral part of the equation. My family child care provider has been providing care for years but her business has been hurt by the cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program, which has caused thousands of families to lose their care. She would like to join with other providers and parents to change the system to ensure all of RI’s children get the care and assistance they need.

My provider also has an interest in furthering her education through training but can’t afford the costs of classes. She already does an excellent job teaching the children in her program valuable skills, and training will help her make that care even more incredible. For these reasons and more, I support the Quality Family Child Care Act which will allow her to unionize with other providers statewide to raise their profession and improve the already high quality care they provide.

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