Benelix, Cranston: Family Child Care Gives Me the Stability I Need to Be A Productive and Reliable Employee

I work Full time at a community non-profit that serves the elderly of Rhode Island and I also have a second part-time job on the weekends. My partner works full time in jewelry manufacturing but only earns minimum wage. I also go to school part-time at RIC to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, because in today’s economy – my existing degree is not as competitive as I need it to be.

We have 3 children : Jayden who is 8 yrs old, Xiaralix is 5 yrs old, and Carla is 2 yrs old.

We work very hard to provide the best that we can for our children. Our children do qualify for CCAP and we have them in a high quality home child care program.

My son Jayden has been with our provider since he was 4 months old. She drives every day from her home in Providence to his school in Cranston to pick him up, so he can continue in her program and so that I don’t have to leave work to get him there. Most importantly my son Jayden loves to learn! Every single day his homework is completed, and he is excited and proud of the work that he does. And when I review his assignments I can tell that my son is progressing academically. So much so, that he is involved in enrichment classes at his school.

My daughter Xiara is 5 and is scheduled to enter Kindergarten in the fall. She can already write her name, knows the entire alphabet, knows her colors and shapes and can even identify shapes like octagons and pentagons! My youngest daughter is 2 yrs old, but I am confident that when she is of age, she will enter kindergarten ready and wanting to learn like her big brother and sister.

All three of our children have enjoyed this high level of early education and care, my provider has converted the entire first floor of her 2 family home into her home child care. She whole heartedly devotes herself to providing the highest level of education and care. She takes the children on field trips and cooks wholesome and nutritious meals, so that the children in her care can grow and develop to realize their maximum potential.

As a parent I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have access to quality and reliable care. My provider has provided me with the mental stability I need to be a productive and reliable employee. I go to work every day and I do not have to worry over the safety of my children. I do not have to call out and miss work, and she is always willing to care for them extra hours if I have an assignment at work I have to complete.

My home child care provider is a trained and devoted professional – she devotes her life and her resources to make sure that the children in her care receive the best possible start in life. I feel that she and providers like her deserve a voice. A voice to raise up the profession and impact the quality of care for the benefit of all children in RI. She has been a provider for 9 years, and I hope that she can be a provider for many more years to come, so she can pass on what she has done with my children to others.

Parents should have a voice too. I feel that parent s should be empowered to speak up on behalf of our children. We can also offer ideas on how to make the child care program more efficient and productive.

Parents and providers having a voice will help our children thrive and meet the demands of today’s economy – ultimately our State and our economy will benefit now and in the future.

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